Current Operations

Carlisle Energy Group is proud to offer our customers a high level of versatility
and diverse capabilities to meet their specialized needs.

Following are a few examples of current operations and recent projects that we have completed in the field – from flow line and pipeline operations to P&A support, intervention operations and more.

Pipeline/Flow Line

  • HWO paraffin removal support (pumps, tanks, wellhead/riser, personnel) & Hydrotest-EB 602
  • Lancing and Thermal wash of paraffin plug-GB 258
  • Flushing and debris removal-WD 68
  • Pigging program & Hydrotest-MC 496

Plug & Abandon

  • Casing Removal Pumping Support (primary pump application for casing cutting and well abandonment operations) HI 560
  • Sub-sea Abandonment (surface to sub-surface 1.5” umbilical lines for kill and return – hydraulic-driven package designed for up to 500’ depth service) SMI 116
  • P&A Support (pump and flow back spreads.) SESI, Tetra, Chet Morrison
  • WC 498 Diagnostic and Preliminary P&A work


  • Coil Tubing support-wash/cement/zone change (pumps, tanks, wellhead/riser, personnel)-EB 602
  • High-Rate Solvent stimulation/Well maintenance-GC 680
  • High Pressure (15k) Ultra-Deep water Riserless Acid Stimulation-CG 726

Drilling/Facilities Management

  • Iron Package for general rig use during drilling and completion work – H&P 105
  • Providing necessary equipment and services including Air compressors, Barricades, Lighting, Fans, and Spill Protection

Special Projects

  • We are currently providing our customers with a more cost-effective alternative to "stim boats.” Carlisle Energy Group can fill the gap between customers’ needs and the one-stop-shopping of super stim boats at a lower price by utilizing only the necessary equipment for a specific project.



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